It has been revealed today that Katherine Jackson, Michael’s mum, has been granted temporary custody of her three grandchildren in the first string of court hearings since the late superstar’s death. They will be living with her until August 3 when their grandma files her official case to become their permanent guardian.


It is also believed that Jackson’s dad, Joe has been completely cut out of his will, although many are not surprised considering their chequered past (Michael accused Joe of abusing him as a child).

The already messy situation was rocked by fresh allegations on whether the singer is really the children's biological father. Legal papers, which have resurfaced in California, apparently claim that an anonymous donor – not Michael, artificially inseminated the mum of two of the children, Debbie Rowe.

Michael Jackson’s three children may also face a court custody battle if either of their biological mothers, Debbie Rowe decides to come forward.

Rumours are circulating throughout Hollywood that Michael’s second wife Debbie Rowe might resurface and claim parental rights to her children Prince Michael and Paris, who she gave birth to during her three-year marriage to the star.

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There is even talk that Prince Michael II’s surrogate mum who has never been identified, may now come out into the limelight to claim custody.

Since the King of Pop died last week, his children – Prince Michael, 12, Paris, 11, and Prince Michael II, 7, have been staying with their grandmother, Katherine Jackson.

Jackson’s mum is believed to be the family’s choice of guardian, as she has played an active role in their lives, but the choice may be up to the courts.

The children, who have no contact or relationship with Debbie, have said that they want to live with their grandma, according to celebrity website TMZ. However, if Debbie wants to fight for custody, she may have a case. According to Rowe’s former attorney, Iris Finsilver, she has a strong chance on the grounds that she is their only biological parent.

Debbie gave away her parental rights of Prince and Paris in 2005 in an agreement where she reportedly received a sum of £4.2million. But in 2006, Debbie tried to get them back until a new settlement was reached between her and Michael – in secret. Conceived through artificial insemination, she has only seen them a handful of times.

However, there’s been no word from Debbie as yet as to whether she does want to claim custody but if she does come out of hiding, the world might be in for one hell of a custody battle.

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