Michelle Heaton admits her baby gets her own way

First-time mum Michelle jokes 2-month-old Faith has a way of keeping mum all to herself


New mum Michelle Heaton has given 2-month-old daughter a new nickname – “devil”. The humorous mum is not talking about the fork-wielding red kind, of course. Rather, Michelle admitted to Twitter followers that Faith is quite cheeky and won’t settle unless she’s lying on her mum’s chest.


Jokingly admitting defeat, Michelle tweeted, “now 2 months old & knows exactly what to do to get her own way already!”

Michelle didn’t appear to be moaning as such, but you know, mums are busy and have lots of important things to do – and top of Michelle’s list is “#needawee”. Well, we’ve all been there, right?!

Mums how did you get around the newborn-need-the-toilet conundrum? Let us know below…


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