Michelle Heaton HAS tweeted a picture of baby Faith

After hinting she couldn’t stick to the ban, Michelle opts to share a photo of baby Faith with her Twitter followers


Michelle Heaton has given in to her inner Twitter-demons and posted the first picture of her daughter Faith. We’re not surprised she wanted to share the snap – her 3-and-a-half-month-old daughter is gorgeous. But it does mean that Michelle has broken her initial plan to keep pics of Faith off of the social networking site (profile pic aside we assume).


Hit with bundles of compliments from followers and the media alike, Michelle was quickly back into mummy-mode. “Thank u peeps Appreciate all the comments on faith, she really is gorgeous-takes after he daddy-She’s now asleep, hopefully till 630 again.” Michelle also told fans, “u wouldn’t think she’s that cute if you saw what’s in the nappy!” Wonder if Una agrees? 

But unfortunately for Michelle her moment of glory was jaded somewhat by Twitter comments about her decision to stop breastfeeding. Michelle tweeted to one Twitterer, “this is my last tweet 2u Sarah, u know nothing about me or why I stopped bf u should b ashamed u make new mums feel bad. V.sad”. Poor Michelle!

Have you had any criticism over your decisions as a mum? Let us know below…


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