Michelle Heaton introduces newborn baby boy to the world

Liberty X singer welcomes baby Aaron Jay on photoshoot at home with husband Hugh and daughter Faith


Michelle Heaton only gave birth to her baby boy just over a week ago.


But the Big Reunion star just can’t wait to show him off to the world – as she cradles him on the cover of this week’s OK! magazine.

This morning she tweeted: “proud mummy & daddy this morning ‪@hughhanley as we introduce our little boy Aaron Jay. Or as we like to call him ‘AJ’”

Michelle gave birth to AJ via planned caesarean on February 28 and revealed that, for her, “Recovery is horrendous.”

But recounting the moment she first laid eyes on him, she says: “Amazing. It was hard – I couldn’t hold him because they were still operating on me and stapling me up, so I stroked his face and burst into tears.”

Even though she admits she’s struggling with the broken nights, the Liberty X singer maintains it’s all worth it. She tweeted: “3 hourly feed cycle .. = 3 hourly spit up cycle = 3 hourly outfit change cycle = no sleep for mummy lol ‪#allworthit.”

Michelle will soon face surgery to reduce the risk of her getting cancer.

The 34-year-old has already had a double mastectomy, in 2012, after discovering that she carries the mutated BRCA2 gene – which puts her at greater risk of developing breast and ovarian cancer.

And this year she’ll have her ovaries removed as a further preventative measure.

“I’m not afraid of the procedure,” Michelle said previously, “but the idea of going through the menopause while I’m still in my 30s is scary.”

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