Michelle Heaton’s Twitpic divides opinions of mums

Twitter fans debate peanuts in pregnancy


Michelle Heaton, who announced on Monday that she was pregnant, has unwittingly provoked a debate amongst mums following her Twitpic of a bag of nuts.


Posting the picture last night, the singer captioned the photo of a bag of honey roasted cashews and peanuts with: “just spoilt my tea by eating more than I should have of these puppies…  Should have read “moreish” as gospel! Lol”

Following shortly after, a second Tweet from the mum-to-be hinted at criticism from some followers believing that nuts during pregnancy pose a risk to the unborn child.

She said: “Lol u lot are funny! Yes, I eat nuts and yes I’m pregnant! No link in my family of allergies or asthma. So I’m bloody enjoying them! Nom nom.”

One fan replied: “Oh tell the bloody pregnancy police to bore off and get a life. Sad acts,” while another warned: “Not supposed to eat too many nuts during pregnancy. Be carful [sic]. And congrats to u both.”

Michelle Heaton is pregnant with her second child with husband Hugh Hanley. Following uncertainty about whether she could conceive again due to medical complications, she happily broke the news on Monday that her daughter Faith is to expect a younger sibling.

The effects of nut consumption during pregnancy and breastfeeding has been widely studied. Previously, Government guidelines advised that pregnant women, breastfeeding mums, babies and toddlers should avoid peanuts to help reduce the risk of an allergy developing in the child, particularly where there is a family history of allergy.

In August 2009 the guidelines were revised to reflect more recent research that found that avoiding nuts showed no reduced risk of babies and children developing an allergy.

The Food Standard Agency website says: “If you would like to eat peanuts or foods containing peanuts (such as peanut butter) during pregnancy, you can choose to do so as part of a healthy balanced diet, unless you yourself are allergic to them or unless your health professional advises you not to.”

For more information, see our feature Peanuts safe in pregnancy and see the Government’s advice at  www.food.gov.uk.

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