Michelle Heaton’s worry after bringing her sick baby home

Singer says ‘only time will tell’ if Aaron Jay has long-term damage from viral meningitis


It’s been a very difficult week for Michelle Heaton as she waited anxiously to take her poorly newborn home.


The Liberty X singer’s 5-week-old son Aaron Jay was rushed to hospital with viral meningitis earlier this week.

She said the experience was “the worst and scariest in my life”.

Aaron was being treated with antibiotics in hospital but has now finally been let home.

She tweeted: “Our beautiful baby boy Aaron Jay Hanley is home now and we couldn’t be happier. It has been hell, I’m not going lie.”

While she’s relieved to bring her son home, Michelle’s now worrying about possible long-term effects on Aaron’s health and development.

She tweeted: “Only time will tell if Aaron has been physically or mentally affected with having had viral meningitis. But the chances are slight so we just pray he will be one of the lucky ones.”

The 34-year-old continued: “We certainly are glad to get our little man home. Faith has been the best big sister ever, nursing him every day.

“Now time for lots of cuddles and family time. I love my family more then words can say! and @hughhanley is our rock! Luv you baby xxx.”

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