In case you missed it, Made In Chelsea favourite Binky Felstead is expecting her 1st baby!


She and on-off partner Josh ‘JP’ Patterson announced their surprise (and very happy) news just a few weeks ago. ?

And it seems Binky is already enjoying sharing her pregnancy journey with her 1.1m Instagram followers.

The 26-year-old recently posted a video that documented her 1st trimester workout plan - performing some toned-down moves including modified burpees and hip thrusts.

You can watch the vid here for yourself…

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She wrote alongside it:

“Soooooo here we goooo... first trimester workouts with@bethefittest. Trying to maintain fitness and strength during pregnancy by doing small modified workouts but often.

"Regular exercise throughout pregnancy has great benefits for both mother and child! Just listen to your body and dont over do it.”

The feedback

But while some of her fans were inspired by her post, others offered a fair bit of pushback - mostly in carefully-worded ‘concerns’ for Binky and her baby's health.

“Don't over do it you'll be surprised how you think it makes things easier and every labour is different. Take it easy” one commenter wrote.

“So good to keep fit during pregnancy but be careful on some workouts are meant to be bad for the baby xxxxx” added another.

“Agreed but watch the hiit. Your heart rate needs to be monitored so that it doesn't increase too much especially prevalent in the first trimester. @binkyfelstead.”

“Surely the hip thrusts can't be healthy if you're pregnant???”

"Agreed! Don't do hip thrusters! Read up on what you can and can't do while pregnant @binkyfelstead there's loads you can do to keep fit!”

“Excellent keeping fit during your pregnancy, but please don't do burpees. It looks a little excessive. Only care and kindness meant. Xx”

What we think

We definitely reckon most of these comments were meant in the best way possible… but we have to admit we found the tone a liiiittle bit condescending.

Especially since Binky’s long been known as a fitness expert - and appears to be working with sportswear brand Reebok and a qualified personal trainer during her workout sessions.

And of course, because many of us will have had similar feedback during our pregnancy - whether it’s about exercise or another matter entirely - from people who don’t know us personally or necessarily have all the right answers.

Exercise during pregnancy – what's safe?

That said, we know exercise during pregnancy can be a bit of a minefield.

If you’re keen to keep up your fitness levels during pregnancy, it’s important to ask the experts what’s OK and what’s not.

The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists offers a comprehensive guide to exercising while pregnant, and we also asked a fitness expert which common sports and activities to avoid while you’re expecting.

It’s also worth noting that anyone thinking about starting a new exercise routine or upping their current regime speaks to their GP before embarking on any dramatic lifestyle changes ?


Images: Instagram/Binky Felstead