Midwife delivers her own baby with just a make-up mirror

First-time mum welcomes baby girl at home with only a mirror to help


Midwife Claire Clarke-Wood, 28, from Kent, delivered her own baby using a make-up mirror to guide her. Arriving home from a shift at Croydon University Hospital in London, Claire’s contractions came on so quickly she couldn’t make it back to the hospital in time.


Claire reveals how she had a bath to try and slow the pain. But, after checking her progress with her own make-up mirror she realised that the baby was already coming. Baby Esmay was born weighing 6lb 12oz and was just over three weeks early.

Claire joked that she’d said at work how funny it would be if she ended up delivering her own baby. Giving birth to her first little girl with a make-up mirror on her bathroom floor probably wasn’t exactly what the new mum had in mind, though!

Claire explained how her husband came home to find her making cups of tea and clearing up towels, describing how she just went into autopilot. Cool, calm and collected…Claire you’re welcome at our births any day!


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