Mike Tyson talks about heartbreaking death of his four-year-old daughter

The champion heavyweight boxer opens up to American chat show host Ellen DeGeneres

Just under two years ago Mike Tyson lost his daughter, Exodus, in a freak accident involving a treadmill power cord.


Until now, understandably, he’s kept quiet about the tragedy but has just spoken out on a US chat show.

In a moving interview, he revealed to chat show host Ellen DeGeneres how he’d gone to the hospital where Exodus was on a life support machine in a rage.

“I was pretty outraged, torn apart. When I went to the hospital when she was on the machine, I was anticipating that I’m going to go and raise hell.’

But Mike admitted his mood changed when he saw how other parents at the hospital were handling their fear and grief.

“Once I got there and saw other people who had children who already died or were dying, they were handling it with dignity and I didn’t want to be the psycho parent.

“I wanted to handle it with dignity as well. Their kids were dying too so I didn’t have any right to be a psycho. I just had to handle it like everyone else and be humble and be at ease.”


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