Celeb mums – they’re just like us.


OK, so they have a bit more time to hit the gym than we do and some of them probs have live-in nannies… but when push comes to shove, we’re all just parents trying to figure things out day by day, right?

As this story from soon-to-be mum-of-2 Mila Kunis proves, we’re all the same - at least when it comes to making mistakes.

During the promotional round for her new film, Bad Mom, Mila admitted the one mistake she’d made with her 21-month-old daughter Wyatt on a 2-hour car journey to meet hubby Ashton Kutcher.

She’d forgotten to strap Wyatt into her car seat… and only realised once she was driving down the motorway ?

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Speaking about how she thought she’d fully prepared for the trip, Mila told Babble:

“I was like, ‘I did it.’ I put her in the car. Like, I high-five myself. I’m driving down the 101 [highway], I was like ‘Oh my God, I’m doing really good today.'

“[Wyatt] was being really quiet, and I was like, ‘Oh, let me look in the rear view mirror to make sure everything’s okay.

“And I look, and she’s happy as can be, but just not nearly strapped in.

“I was like, oh, f*ck me.

“And I’m on the 101, and she’s just like blah, like fine in her car seat, nothing, no strap whatsoever. And I think I just turned white.”

Luckily, Mila managed to pull her car over and strapped little Wyatt in straight away.

And whether you’ve made this exact (slightly terrifying) mistake or not, it could happen to any new mum.

It's not an easy thing to admit - so it’s great that Mila feels comfortable enough to share her story.

New dads aren't exempt from these things, either… and as it turns out, the same thing happened to Wyatt's dad Ashton recently.

Mila added: “Lo and behold, a year later, like 2, 3 weeks ago, a month ago, I came to get Wyatt out of the backseat of the car, and my husband put her in.

“And so, I went in to get her out, I opened the car door, and she’s not strapped in whatsoever. “And I was like thank God … I wasn’t alone.”

We’re SO glad these stories didn’t have an unthinkable ending, and it’s good to know we’re not alone in making mistakes like these.

That said, if you wanna brush up on your car seat safety advice - you’ve come to the right place.

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