Mindy Kaling reveals her jaw-dropping buggy choice

THOSE gold wings though ❤️


Just last month, actress Mindy Kaling, best know for The Mindy Project, gave birth to a little girl named Katherine Swati.


And now, after a little look around her Instagram, we’ve got to see what she’s being pushed around in – and it really is rather special ❤️

The buggy is a Cybex Priam Jeremy Scott limited edition: it has stunning (purely aesthetic) gold wings and rims and will set you back around – wait for it – £2,500 according to our reviews editor Hazelann Williams ?

The Jeremy Scott Priams were first shown on the catwalk in Milan back in 2016: and while Jeremy’s signature angel wings and all may make it bling and beautiful (if that’s your bag) ,we know there are a tonne of other things that really count when it comes to buggy buying.

So, if you’re interested in reading about the original, without the wings and gold, we’ve got a great review which breaks down the basics…

Cybex Priam pushchair review

Pic: Mindy Kaling on Instagram

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