Cybex Priam Pushchair review

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3.7 out of 5 star rating 3.7
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£1,065.00 RRP

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A high-end luxury travel system from German Brand Cybex, the Priam has features galore and a high price-tag to match.
3.0 out of 5 rating 3.0
4.0 out of 5 rating 4.0
Comfort for child
5.0 out of 5 rating 5.0
4.0 out of 5 rating 4.0
3.0 out of 5 rating 3.0
Worth the money
3.0 out of 5 rating 3.0
Pros: Incredibly easy to assemble, comfy for baby, sun canopy with UV protection, large shopping basket.
Cons: Very wide and won’t fit into all car boots.
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The Priam is the first luxury travel system to be produced by Cybex.


With this pushchair the German brand has thrown the gauntlet in the face of other high-end buggies such as the Bugaboo Cameleon3, Stokke Xplory, Joolz Day and the iCandy Peach3.

The Priam pays homage to iconic American designers Charles and Ray Eames, a husband and wife team who set out to create products that would be used by their own family.

Their furniture and games brought high-design culture to children at an early age, which is what Cybex have tried to emulate by making the Priam safe, stylish and functional.

The Priam is sold on being a fully-configurable travel system, but how does it work?

There are so many different options when choosing this buggy!  Firstly you have to choose what kind of unit your little one will sit in, there’s the newborn carrycot, (suitable from birth to 9kg) the Lux seat (birth to 17kg) or the 2-in-1 light seat (birth to 17kg.)

Then there are three hybrid wheel designs to suit every surface; the Light, All-Terrain and Trekking.  And when you’re strolling on snow or icy ground the PRIAM is equipped with ski attachments.

And if you’ve got two young ‘ens you can attach the kidboard for easy transportation of both.

Like another high-end buggy (that begins with a B and ends with a boo) the Priam can also be used in ‘two-wheel mode’ to make it a sort of baby wheelbarrow.

This is designed to make it easier to master obstacles such as steps or a doddle to push when you’re going on those long walks on sandy beaches (as you do!)

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What’s the difference between the Cybex Priam seats?

The Lux seat (like the rest of the buggy) is just that – luxurious.  Made with a very strong and quite en vogue tweet fabric, it’s padded all over, has a lie-flat mode, an extendable XXL sun canopy and individually adjustable leg rest.

The 2-in-1 seat has pretty much the same features as the Lux one, but it can also be converted into a carrycot, so it’s £60 more.

Both seats are forward and rear-facing and easy to adjust.

The Lux seat (which we tested in this review) moves easily into several different seat settings ranging from totally flat for a newborn to upright for a more curious toddler. It also has an inlay to provide extra support.

Although the seat did drop from slightly upright back to flat when I bumped up a curb (but this could of course be because I hadn’t clicked it into place properly).

It’s certainly comfy and the hood can unzip to protect my 4-month-old son George from the sun and has a handy window to peep through.

Is the seat high on the chassis?

Yes, it is.  The positioning of the seat is quite high (80cm) so it means George gets a good view while travelling.  And I have eyes on him at all times, great for me and my back, as there’s no need to bend or twist around the canopy.  

It also means that I can park it by a table and feed him, as it perfect dining height.

But for it to replace a high chair you would need to dine in spacious restaurants or visit friends with big kitchens! 

Is the Priam a large buggy?

Yes, it is!  The biggest downside to this buggy is its size.

I tried to catch a bus to collect my daughter from nursery but found I sadly couldn’t fit on the first two that came past as there were already buggies on board.

With smaller prams like my Bugaboo Bee or Maclaren, two pushchairs can easily fit on the bus at once.  But with the Priam, you have to be the only buggy on the bus! 

Also trying to pass people on the pavement quickly (I was running to avoid being fined for being late) was hard.

I kept having to say ‘excuse me’ so I could pass by. I found it a bit embarrassing and stressful at times.

Although it’s not a problem specific to the Cybex Priam, friends with the Bugaboo Cameleon3 and the iCandy Peach 3 Blossom also have the same difficulty. 

And be warned, the Priam won’t fit into a small family saloon car unless you remove the seat and the wheels.  In fact it only just fit into our 3 series BMW and that’s a big boot.

So is it sturdy?

It’s fairly sturdy, but not as strong as you may expect for such a big buggy. 

I tested the Priam with the light wheels and it initially felt fairly sturdy. But my four-year-old daughter did manage to pull it over when she leant on the handle bars, fortunately my son was strapped in! I wouldn’t feel that confident pushing it on a very windy day.

How is it to push?

It’s very easy to push, the swivel positions make it much easier to steer but the width of the buggy causes problems.

You find yourself banging into door frames and scratching skirting boards.

Saying that, when out in the open the Priam is very easy to manoeuvre. The steering can be done with just one hand and it’s very smooth.

One frustrating thing about the pushchair is the break.  It’s a little leaver positioned at the bottom of the buggy in the middle of the central bar, but I found it very difficult to release it with my foot.  

How does the CYybex Priam fold?

A great thing about the pushchair is you can fold it with the seat unit in place.  The fold system is straightforward and really easy.

But once folded the buggy is still big and bulky, and at 12.4kg it’s also heavy.   And disappointingly, there is nothing to keep the buggy together like a clip, which makes carrying it quite tough.

What is the basket and storage pockets like?

One of the best things about the pram is the basket for shopping.  I managed to fit a £25 food shop underneath quite easily.

The storage pockets are also very spacious; chances are you won’t run out of space on this buggy, even when carrying enough stuff to survive a mini apocalypse.

 Is it easy to build?

It was incredibly easy to put together. Everything simply clicks into place in less than 10 minutes – I didn’t even need to bother looking at the instructions.

Cybex has over 200 industry awards for their varies products including car seats and strollers.

Is it value for money?

That really all depends on whether you’re will to spend money on a high-end travel system or not, as a complete travel system (with Lux seat) it will set you back £1215 – ouch!   

So it certainly isn’t cheap, and price-wise as a complete travel system it’s the more expensive than the Bugaboo Cameleon3 (£1065), Stokke Xplory (£1194), Joolz Day Studio (£994) and the iCandy Peach 3 All-Terrain (£1060).  

But if you get the 2-in-1 seat instead of the Lux, you’ll pay £1025, for a complete travel system, which is comparable to the others.

Accessories Available:

  • Kidboard – £60
  • Skis – £70
  • Cup holder – £20
  • Parasol – £35
  • Foot Muff – £100
  • Changing Bag – £80
  • Mosquito Net -£20

MadeForMums verdict:

Cybex has put everything it knows about style, safety and functionality (which is a huge amount) into its first luxury travel system hoping to make it an instant hit.

Personally this wouldn’t be a buggy that I would choose because I don’t have a big enough car boot, I live in a flat without that much storage space and because I travel on public transport regularly.

But style-wise you won’t find a better-looking buggy.  The tweed fabric, Eames-inspired chassis and leather accompaniments are guaranteed head-turners.  So if you’re an art fan with a big wallet and even bigger boot, this is the pushchair for you. 

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Product Specifications


Brand Cybex
Model Priam Pushchair
Price GBP £1065.00

Suitable for

Child age (approx) Birth to 4 years
Child weight Up to 17kg

Dimensions & Weight

Weight 12.4kg
Dimensions H:114cm W:58cm L:88cm
Dimensions (folded) H:93cm W:59cm L:30cm


Travel system compatible Yes
Compatible car seats Cybex Cloud Q (£240) or Aton Q £175
Seat facing direction Forward facing and Parent facing
Front wheels Lockable swivel
Recline positions 3
Lie flat Yes
  • Suitable birth to 17kg (approx
  • 4 Years)
  • One hand recline function to a completely flat position
  • Rotatable seat unit
  • Highchair function
  • Extendable xxl sun canopy with uvp50+ sun protection & viewing window
  • Comfort leg rest
  • Free 2 year guarantee


Accessories included Rain cover
Optional extras
  • Kidboard - £60
  • Skis - £70
  • Cup holder - £20
  • Parasol - £35
  • Foot Muff - £100
  • Changing Bag - £80
  • Mosquito Net -£20