RD Miranda Kerr’s epidural comments upset mums

MFM advice for first time mums about to give birth


OOPS! Gorgeous Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr (aka Mrs Orlando Bloom) has caused a bit of an stir with her comments in the August edition of Harper’s Bazaar UK that she chose to give birth to her son Flynn, now 18-months old, without an epidural so as not to have a “drugged up baby” and because she “wanted to give him the best possible start in life I could”.


According to the Daily Mail, Miranda’s comment have “caused a backlash from furious mothers”, particularly those who chose to or had to have an epidural while giving birth.

At MFM, we hope all mums get to make their own choices about what’s right for them when they’re giving birth.

In the July edition of our sister mag Practical Parenting and Pregnancy, we have a special cover feature on epidurals that lists the pros and cons to help women make their own, informed decisions, as well as plenty of advice on our website and top tips from other mums.

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