Miscarriage cards that say what’s so hard to say

Yes, you read that right. Miscarriage cards. But what do you say to someone after they've had a miscarriage? One doctor has created a series of cards to help


You Are Wonderful

When someone you know has a miscarriage, it’s impossible to know what to say. You want them to know that you love them and you’re there for them. But beyond that, how can you begin to put your compassion into words?


Now a new range of alternative empathy cards is aiming to do just that by expressing what sympathy cards don’t. Yes, some of them might contain bad language and frank admissions – but we think they could be just the thing to show you’re there for your friend, family member or partner.

Psychologist Dr Jessica Zucker created the cards after experiencing her own 16-week miscarriage. She launched the #IHadAMiscarriage campaign on Twitter to help acknowledge miscarriages in a meaningful way. Her powerful cards aim to honour a woman’s feelings following baby loss and you can tell that she gets it. See her other empathy cards…

Photos: Empathy Cards by Dr Jessica Zucker

I Love You Like Crazy


Pregnancy After Pregnancy Loss


I’m Deeply Sorry


Grief Knows No Timeline


Missing In Action




Baby Loss and Stillborn Announcement

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