Miscarriage diagnoses should get second opinion, say experts

New statistics suggest women should have second test to avoid incorrect miscarriage diagnosis


Women who’ve been told they’ve suffered a miscarriage should opt to have a second test 10 days later, experts have recommended.


Professor Tom Bourne has said that a repeat scan should be done ten days after the first “in all cases”.

The advice comes as New research has found that first tests for miscarriage can occasionally be mistaken. According to Dr Colin Duncan from the University of Edinburgh, women shouldn’t be afraid to ask for a second opinion.

Around 400 miscarriage diagnoses each each year could potentially be incorrect and increased testing could result in a much more positive outcome for hundreds of expectant mums.

Miscarriage Association National Director Ruth Bender Atik backs the move, which will hopefully lower the margin of error. Though there are worries that the extra 10 days would increase mums’ anxiety, it’s good news that number incorrect miscarriage diagnoses may be decreased.

Further developments also look set to take place with the first ultrasound imaging system being introduced for smartphones by Mobisante. The £4,700 device, that can fit in your pocket, could revolutionise care for pregnant women across the globe, especially for those who don’t have access to fixed scanners.

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