Modern mums use web to stay connected

An increasing number of mums are using the internet for information and socialising

Forget coffee mornings, new research shows that 21st century mums are heavily reliant on the internet for staying in touch with friends, meeting other parents and getting advise.


The study by the Post Office revealed that an impressive 83 per cent of mums use the web – 17 per cent more than women in general.

It also found that annually, mums who use the internet chat to 24 online friends who they have never met in person.

Hugh Stacey, head of broadband at the Post Office, said: “The internet offers a wide range of information, advice and interaction opportunities for parents.

“This research shows that mums are getting more out of the net than the average female web user – be it emailing friends and family, buying and selling baby goods, or sharing photos.”

He added that the web provided a “critical link to information and advice” as well as a quick and easy way to complete everyday tasks.

Mums in East Anglia, use the internet the most, with 91 per cent logging on in the last year, while only 74 per cent those in Yorkshire and the Humber regularly surf the web. 


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