Money paid to egg donors set to triple

Women encouraged to donate their eggs with larger monetary gains


Women that help infertile couples conceive by donating their eggs could now earn £750. This is triple the current figure set out by The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority. It’s hoped that by increasingly the figure from the current £250, more women will want to be involved.


The UK’s fertility watchdog hopes that by matching standards in countries such as America and Spain, women won’t choose to travel abroad to donate. Higher donations could ultimately lower the current 5 year wait for those seeking donors.

The process is notably invasive for the donors, with daily hormone injections, scans and surgery all involved. Coupled with a range of side effects including mood swings, bloating, and pain, it requires large commitment. But should women receive money for donating eggs? Or is it really too much to expect women to go through such a process with no financial aid?

Would you volunteer? Would a bigger reward encourage you? Let us know your thoughts…


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