More grandparents take over childcare

Free babysitting for grandchildren saves familes £7.3bn


Busy parents are being thrown a lifeline by their own parents it seems as more and more grandparents are helping out by looking after their grandchildren.


A study carried out by Grandparents Plus and Age UK and reported in the Daily Mail shows that the older generation takes care of 1.6 million children under 14 every year, providing free work to the value of £7.3billion, twice what it was in 2004.

Caroline Abrahams from Age UK said, “Grandparents are such an important part of children’s lives. They are playing an increasing role in providing an affordable way for parents to continue working.”

And Sam Smethers from Grandparents Plus added, “Grandparents are throwing a lifeline fo families squeezed by falling real incomes and rising childcare costs.

“The contribution they are making within their families and the wider economy is enormous and rising.”

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