Morning sickness cures don’t work

Sorry mums, apparently drugs, scents and even ginger biscuits don’t ease pregnancy nausea


Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but experts are claiming there’s actually no cure for the dreaded morning sickness during pregnancy.


Scientists at Dublin City University studied 4,000 mums-to-be in their first trimester, and found not one of the traditional remedies thought to help beat morning sickness, including ginger, drugs, fizzy drinks or even prescribed antenatal drugs can be proven to ease it.

Estimated to affect a massive 85% of expectant mums, the exact cause of morning sickness is still unknown. While a number of studies appeaered to suggest some remedies may be benefit some mums-to-be, the Dublin team found the evidence wasn’t consistent enough to draw any firm conclusions.

But don’t panic just yet, bumps. There are so many ideas to try, there may be one or two that will ease the quease for you. 


We need all the help we can get….


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