Most children want to be a vet

Survey finds working with animals is the career of choice for young children


More children want to be a vet when they grow up than any other career, a new poll has found.


However running a sweet shop and being a brain surgeon aren’t far behind.

The survey by MyVoucherCodes asked 1,186 parents what their children aged 10 and under had told them they wanted to be when they grow up, with a vet topping the list, closely followed by police officer and of course, a pop star.

One little girl, aspiring for the top declared she wanted to be a giraffe!

The top 10 professions that children want to go into are:

  1. Vet
  2. Police officer
  3. Pop singer
  4. Football player
  5. Princess
  6. Sweet shop owner
  7. Brain surgeon
  8. Fire fighter
  9. Artist
  10. Race car driver

However as much as being a vet appeals today, 58% of mums and dads asked said their child frequently change their mind about their dream careers.


Well children are a fickle bunch after all eh?

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