Mud pies and teddy bears’ picnic make it onto toddler ‘potty list’

Mums reveal what they think their child should have experienced by the time they reach 3 years


You’ve probably got a few life ambitions you want to tick off that list before you hit 40, 50, or 60, but what about the stuff you should do before you’re 3 years old? That’s right, 3. Talk about setting yourself up to fail – you’re hardly out of nappies and you could be behind schedule with the bucket list…


But fear not, these are fun things to accomplish. From dancing in public, to climbing a big hill, to even finding your first true love, 1,000 mums have created a list of the 36 things you really must do before you’re 3.

Dr Richard Woolfson, Practical Parenting & Pregnancy magazine’s resident child psychologist, explained how a child’s growth between the ages of 1 and 3 is extraordinary and that this is the time to push the boundaries a little. So, if your kids start jumping in puddles, they’re actually fulfilling an important development stage. Who knew!

The study, as part of a campaign for Cow & Gate, celebrates the 36 so called ‘landmark events’ for kids, and aims to encourage parents to engage with these fun and child like activities.

The ‘potty list’ for toddlers – what mums think kids should have done by 3:

1.       Made a mud pie
2.       Baked a cake
3.       Finger painted
4.       Sung loudly in public
5.       Climbed a big hill
6.       Picked fruit
7.       Danced with no inhibitions
8.       Made sandcastles on the beach
9.       Been chased by a monster
10.   Jumped in a puddle so hard the water went in mummy’s shoe too
11.   Belly-flopped
12.   Fed the ducks
13.   Blown bubbles
14.   Had a teddy bear’s picnic
15.   Chosen a favourite book
16.   Ridden on the top of double-decker bus
17.   Visited a museum
18.   Been on a train ride
19.   Fed an animal
20.   Grown cress in the shape of your name
21.   Worn pants on your head
22.   Ridden the tea-cups at the fair
23.   Flown a paper aeroplane
24.   Poo’ed in the bath
25.   Stayed the night away from home
26.   Ridden on daddy’s shoulders
27.   Scribbled somewhere you shouldn’t
28.   Cleaned your own teeth
29.   Answered the phone
30.   Mastered a party piece
31.   Had a ‘first love’
32.   Bought something in a shop
33.   Set your sights on a future career (pirate, fairy or builder, perhaps?)
34.   Told a fib
35.   Made up an inappropriate nickname for someone
36.   Broken something valuable

What do you hope your little ones will have experienced before they turn 3? Let us know below…


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