Lisa de Vries from Victoria, Australia, is one mum who's going to be pretty busy over the next few months and years.


That's because she's given birth to 4 babies in 1 year - not quadruplets, but 2 sets of fraternal twins. And she already had 3 kids, so her brood went from a trio to 7 in just 12 months ?

After her first set of twins, Nate and Noah were born, Lisa went on the Pill. But at some point she found her periods becoming uncomfortable and then that her stomach hurt when she lay on it.

Fearing it was a stomach ulcer she visited the doctor.

“I went in for a scan to have a check up and I was told I was in fact 19 weeks pregnant with twins again!" she told Healthy Mummy.

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"I would have conceived these babies when Nate and Noah were only three months old.

“On the day I found out I was pregnant and having twins, I found out I was having a boy and girl too. I broke down in tears. Falling pregnant again was definitely not in our plans.”

Lisa went into labour at 34 weeks, and Ruby and Reagan were born at just over 2lbs each but are now happy and healthy - they were 10 weeks when the older twins were 14 months.

“Having more children is definitely not going to happen,” she went on to say. “I think ten altogether (seven of my own) is plenty. I can’t believe I went from being a mum of 3 to seven in one year!”

Errrr - yep, we totally get why she might leave it at that ?

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