Mum accidentally feeds her kids dog treats after finding them in biscuit aisle

Apparently they tasted pretty ruff...?


An Australian mum took to Facebook to post an angry message to supermarket Woolworths after she bought her kids some cookies that turned out to be for DOGS. ? ?


Tania Toomey found the ‘Scooby Snacks’ in the biscuit aisle in the store during a late-night shop, and snapped them up for her children’s lunchboxes.

It was only when her little ones told her they were ‘disgusting’ that she took a closer look and discovered the treats were actually meant for dogs.

While Tania does admit the packaging clearly states the food is for animal consumption only, she said that the shop is disorganised and has very few healthy treats for children, and that she can’t have been the only parent to have bought the biscuits in error because of where they had been placed in store. 

According to, Woolworths eventually admitted they had made an error, and the canine snacks had been stacked in the biscuit aisle, rather than the pet food department.

While we are having a bit of a smile over this, it could actually have been pretty awful – what if they kids had enjoyed the snacks and scoffed more of them? Could have led to a nasty upset stomach or food poisoning.

We’ll deffo be paying a lot more attention to what we’re throwing in our trolleys during those rushed twilight shopping trips from now on, won’t you? ?

Pics: Facebook / Woolworths

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