Mum and 4-year-old daughter make amazing dresses from paper

Incredible homemade looks from the runway, celebrity red carpets and even the Olympics!


A crafty mum has found a cheap way to satisfy her 4-year-old daughter’s never-ending thirst for beautiful dresses… they make them out of paper!


Angie and her daughter, whom she only refers to online as ‘Mayhem’, have even created a blog of their paper craft adventures called Fashion by Mayhem.

The resulting creations are breath-taking.

Angie says she doesn’t have any background in fashion but started making clothes with Mayhem out of paper to keep her sticky fingers away from her own wardrobe.

The stylish duo have now taken the runway, red carpets and even celebrity looks from the Golden Globe and Grammy awards as inspiration.

Angie commented: “We weren’t planning to do a Grammys dress at all. I also wasn’t planning to do a second dress today. I didn’t plan on running out of tulle. I didn’t plan on Mayhem having 100 tantrums today. You better believe I’m “not planning” to have a glass of wine this evening either. And certainly not 2! 😉 #fashionbymayhem”

Their paper copy of Lupita Nyong’o’s red Ralph Lauren caped gown is amazing.

But we also love the duo’s freestyle creations – like the bright yellow number – too.

And it’s not just on the catwalk they find inspiration. Mayhem was recently inspired by the Winter Olympics.

Angie commented: “”Hey Mom, how about an ice slider’s outfit?” She’s been obsessed with the “Lalympics”. Specifically, Noelle Pikus-Pace and Katie Uhlaender. Mayhem seems like a pretty good name for someone willing to hurl themselves down track made of ice at breakneck speeds 😉 #fashionbymayhem”

More pictures in the gallery below. Which is your favourite?

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