Mum arrested for trying to sell baby for US$500 in Taco Bell

American mum Heidi Lynn Knowles was in court yesterday for trying to sell her 3-day-old son in a Taco Bell


Heidi Lynn Knowles, from Washington, appeared in court to face charges for trying to sell her newborn baby boy to a woman who was eating at Taco Bell.


Heidi, 36, was going around the fast food restaurant taking bids from customers of between US $500 and US $5,000 for her baby, reports the Daily Mail. In the UK this amount of money is the equivalent of between £309.70 and £3,096.60.

Police say the unemployed mum had no idea when her baby was born or who the father was.

At 9.30 pm on Thursday, the police were called to the motel where Knowles was staying and the baby, who seemed to be in good health, was taken away by Child Protective Services. Heidi was staying in a motel because she was looking for a homeless shelter, according to the New York Daily News.

Heidi was charged with attempted child selling-buying and was held on $50,000 bail (equivalent to £31,000). The mum is also facing drug possession, theft and bail-jumping charges from outstanding warrants.

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