Mum breastfed newborn before being told it wasn’t hers

An Australian hospital handed out the wrong newborn babies to two mums


Two newborn babies spent eight hours with the wrong mum at a hospital in Geelong, Australia.


The mistake was caused by a nurse who failed to check the name identification bracelets before taking the babies to their mums from the special care nursery, reports the Daily Mail.

The switch wasn’t spotted until after the mums had breastfed the baby they thought was their own newborn. Both mums and their babies are now having to be tested to make sure they didn’t contract any infections during the mix-up.

“It’s just a terrible tragedy and it’s come to a great shock to us and the families involved,” said Stephen Roberts, the CEO of the hospital where the incident happened.

“Our protocols and processes broke down and we’re deeply apologetic and regretful for the pain and concern that we’ve caused these families.”

Experts say that this kind of mix-up can be difficult to overcome and both families have been offered counselling.

However this wasn’t the only newborn baby mix-up this week. A high-profile fertility clinic in Hong Kong has admitted to implanting two embryos into the wrong woman.

A junior embryologist neglected to read the label on the embryos before implanting them into the wrong woman through IVF.

However, according to BBC News, the clinic quickly realised the error they had made and the embryos were removed and discarded.

The two women affected have both been given compensation but other pregnant women who use the clinic have said they are appalled by the medical error. One has even said she is considering a DNA test after the birth of her baby.

What do you think about these mix-ups?

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