Mum breastfeeds on Santa’s knee

… and he doesn't know where to look!


Everyone knows the drill in Santa’s grotto. You sit on Father Christmas’s lap and tell him what you want for Christmas. Right?


Well, one mum decided to take her turn with jolly St. Nick to make a point about something close to her heart… breastfeeding her baby.

Rebecca Dunbar, from Ontario in Canada, says she had the picture taken as a joke, but shared it on social media to “increase acceptance of the practice of nursing in public”, according to The Canadian Press.

But the picture has had a much more negative response than the mum expected – with many Facebook users commenting that the picture is “trashy”.

However Rebecca defends the spontaneous snap.

“I just want it to be so normal that it doesn’t even need a discussion,” the 40-year-old mum-of-3 said. “If people want to say, ‘oh, you look happy in that picture…’ that’s about as far as it needs to go.”

Rebecca says she was at her local shopping centre, queuing to see Father Christmas with her 3 kids when her 1-year-old started fussing. She started breastfeeding her baby in the queue to calm him – and decided to get a picture taken.

“I asked the photographer if he’d be OK taking the picture and he said, ‘yeah, for sure, if it was OK with Santa,'” she said. “And Santa said ‘it’s been 40 years and never had a question like that, but why not.'”

Rebecca shared the photo on Facebook with the caption, “All I want for Christmas is a healthy, happy baby.” She had lots of support from her friends but others weren’t so kind.

“It is quite disappointing that people are so negative about it when it’s not meant to be that way,” she said. “Partly, it was just to be funny.”

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Photo: Facebook / Rebecca Dunbar

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