Picture the scene (you might even have been there): you've got your new baby home, given her that much-thought-about name... then you discover someone you're not keen on has given their baby the exact same name ?


That seems to be what's happened to a mum who's story was picked up in the Daily Mail (they've given names but we're not going to).

She's been seriously riled by another mum, who she says she saw loads in the hospital when she was pregnant, and who has 'copied' her baby name (though we're not sure if it was intentional or not).

She's so upset she can't even bear to give her daughter what she now feels is a 'trampy' name.

In a convo on Facebook, a friend tried to placate the situation saying: "Oh someone copied her name? You will get that babes but her name suits her so well....don't change it just because someone you know can't be original."

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But the mum was having none of it, retorting: "Oh no see if you'd picked it I wouldn't care, if half the people picked it I wouldn't care but this particular person nope I can't deal with."

She even added that: "I've fully stopped calling her name till [sic] I figure out new one."

Then she's going to change it, even though she's past the 6-week time frame you have to get your baby's name registered.


Luckily (sort of) for this mum, it's not too much of a hassle changing your baby's first name on the birth register before they're 1 year old - as long as it's a name you've been giving them regularly or it's the name used when they were baptised (if they were).

Question is: should you give up a name you love because someone you're not exactly the best of friends with has a child with the same moniker? Hmmmm.

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Image: Facebook, shared by the Daily Mail

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