Mum claims her 5-month-old potty trained herself – by accident

Little Emily-Rose is apparently already out of nappies during the day...


Well this story has left us all a bit open-mouthed this morning. A 5-month-old baby who is potty trained? Really?


Yep, according to Cheshire mum Monika Nowicka, whose daughter Emily-Rose was only born in June 2016.

Monika, 26, and partner Gavin Sanderson, 30, reckon Emily-Rose started using the potty ‘by accident’ and has gone about her business on it ever since.

“We were just messing around really,” Monika told The Mirror. “But we were a bit taken aback that she seemed to know what to do.”

The next day, Monika and Gavin sat Emily-Rose on the potty to see if she would use it properly, and apparently she did. 

“We just couldn’t believe it,” says Gavin.

“The first couple of times we just sat her on it and she was so happy. Now when she wakes up at 6am, the first thing she wants to do is use the potty. It’s ­absolutely remarkable.”

And as she can’t speak, the baby apparently points to let her mum and dad know when she needs to go… 

“The key is to leave the potty around as if it’s just another toy,” says Monika, adding that Emily-Rose now no longer wears a nappy during the day.

“We are so confident that she will tell us when she needs to go that we only use them at night now,” she told the paper. 

Monika insists she is only going public about Emily-Rose’s potty use to help other parents.

“Despite what people might think we’re not being smug – we just want to share our tips with others. Having her potty trained so early has made life much easier for us,” she says. 

Goodness. This is of course an amazing story – but certainly not the norm.

We’ve always thought the around 2 year mark was standard for potty training – when children have the skills to tell us they need to go, and enough body awareness to know the signs.

It’s totally easier when your toddler is out of nappies, but that whole changing routine, up until around the age of 2, is just part of the early years of life, right? 

However, there are some schools of thought that say mega-early potty training can be done (from birth, no less) but obviously it takes huge commitment from the parent – and is constantly being on the look out for an imminent wee or poo really less hassle than changing a nappy? (Er, no)

When did your child start potty training? Let us know in comments or on Facebook.

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