The truth behind that video of a mum dragging her son down the street

The vid without context caused a storm - but the mum has now slammed those who judged her for it


This entire story is the EXACT reason why mum-shaming needs to stop. For good.


And why, as if it isn’t totally obvious, no one should EVER film a stranger and put it online with the intent to shame or ridicule them – because there’s just no way you can know the full situation. 

Yesterday, the Liverpool Echo published a video of a mum ‘dragging’ a young boy down a busy Liverpool high street – which was taken without the mum’s knowledge, by a passerby.

We’re not going to pretend it’s not a bit of a shock to see it on camera – because it is. The paper’s readers expressed confusion and outrage, given that there was no explanation behind it, and quickly, the video began to go viral.

(It was also reported to and is being investigated by Merseyside Police, the Echo says.)

But now, the mum in the video – who remains anonymous – has spoken out against it, revealing that the reason she’s ‘dragging’ her son down the street is because he has severe autism.

And that, sometimes, it’s honestly the only way she can get him to move.

“My son has autism, he has meltdowns and throws himself on the floor. What I am doing in that video is the only way I can move him,” she explained to the paper.

“He does it all the time and won’t get up or let me pick him up. He just drops to the floor like a sack of spuds.”

“People are making me out to be a bad mum – I am not a bad mum.”

“People should just ask before they judge.”

Of course, it’s only natural to be concerned when you see something out of the ordinary while you’re going about your day, right?

We highly doubt the videographer thought to ask before filming, though ???

The mum even added that when 2 women approached her, she was happy to explain the situation to them.

The anonymous mum also went to describe the challenges she faces on a daily basis, raising a son with autism.

“I can’t go out very often because he has these meltdowns. He doesn’t like big crowds and whenever I take him out he could just kick off.

“People don’t understand how hard it is having an autistic child, especially when they are so strong.

“He has attacked me before and knocked me off my feet, but he doesn’t know he is hurting me.”

We really, really sympathise with this mum. We’ve all had parenting moments we wouldn’t want the world to see and judge us for ?

Because, truth be told, even little ones without autism sometimes throw a massive wobbly in the street, and decide they’re not budging…

Images: Liverpool Echo

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