Mum dresses 3-year-old as prostitute for beauty pageant

American woman dresses her young daughter, Paisley, as Julia Roberts' character in the movie Pretty Woman


After the shocking story about the mum giving her 4-year-old “boobs and a bum” for an American beauty pageant last week, now a new episode of Toddlers and Tiaras shows a mum dressing her toddler as a prostitute.


The mum, who has not been named, dressed her 3-year-old daughter, Paisley, in an outfit depicting Julia Robert’s street-walking character, Vivian, from the film Pretty Woman.

Paisley wore a white tank top, tight mini skirt and knee-high leather boots for the pageant, along with a bright yellow wig. The 3-year-old paraded up and down the stage with her hand on her hip, reports Daily Mail.

But it wasn’t just the choice of outfit that was inspired by the film Pretty Woman – Paisley’s mum had even provided a mini backdrop of the Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel for her daughter to strut in front of. The hotel featured in the film, as it was where Vivian stayed with Richard Gere‘s character, Edward.

Even more surprisingly, the judges and audience seemed to like the act, and are shown on the programme laughing and smiling at each other during the performance.

However, one mum in the audience didn’t agree with the act or the inappropriate outfit choice. “Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman as a prostitute. I would never ever do that to my little girl. Ever!” she said.

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