Mum freezes eggs so her daughter can use them to have children

Mum of infertile daughter wants to give her a chance to one day have children of her own, but the idea has raised questions about the ethics of the situation


A mum is planning to freeze her eggs so her infertile daughter might one day use them to have children of her own, reports the Metro.


Penny Jarvis welcomed daughter Mackenzie two years ago, and was told she had been born without an Ja, so didn’t have working ovaries and wouldn’t to have children of her own.

In a bid to give her daughter the option of having a family in the future, Penny is going to freeze some of her eggs to give to Mackenzie when she grows up.

“The doctor was talking about chromosomes and it was all a bit of a blur,” said Penny. “The only word I heard at the time was ‘infertility’ and I just burst into tears. It’s what most people want to be – a mum.”

At the moment Mackenzie needs a regular dose of hormones and is partially deaf. But doctors think most of her health issues can be treated, so her parents hope one day she will be well enough to have a family of her own.

“I’d like to think her sisters would offer their eggs too,” said Penny. “But if they didn’t, at least the option would be there for her. A few people have told me they think it’s a bit sick, but on the whole people have been supportive.”


However medical ethicists have rasied concerns about the idea, warning if Mackenzie goes ahead and has children with her mum’s eggs, her children could develop psychological problems with their mum, who will also technically be their sister.

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