Mum gets anonymous note from ‘friends’ criticising Facebook posts about her baby

"We are so OVER your running commentary of your life and every single thing your baby does"


It’s quite possible that a fair few of us are guilty of this – posting up LOADS of photos of our gorgeous children on Facebook, especially when they’re babies, because, quite frankly, we’re just excited to share with friends and family all those cute things our baby does.


It’s a little bit possible too that especially when we’re over the baby stage, we might get a teensy bit bored with the odd friend here or there who’s stuffing our news feed with pics and videos of their little darling constantly every time they reach a milestone, or in fact, just every time they do, errr – anything.

But, even if you find yourself at the “so over it” stage with one of your over-adoring mum friends, would you be tempted to write her a straight to the point letter asking her to stop?

That’s just what one bunch of friends did to mum of a six month old, Jade, who received an anonymous note through her letterbox from “a few of the girls” who decided to tell her exactly what they though of her constant Facebook updates about her baby.

Jade, who lives in Australia, then posted the letter online in the hope it would shame the people who wrote it into realising just how mean they’d been.


In it, the “girls” says that while they all have kids they’re besotted with, they don’t “ram it down everyone else’s neck” and that instead of posting a photo of her baby wearing a new outfit on Facebook all the time, why doesn’t she just send it “PRIVATELY” to the person she wants to see it.

They even tell Jade they can’t wait for her to get back to work because then she won’t have “as much time to be on Facebook quite as much”. Ouchy.

Jade says she was “angry and hurt” by the letter – we can well imagine – but putting it online was the best thing she could have done, as she got so much support she said she has “never felt so strong and so loved”.

Here at MFM HQ we’re scratching our heads wondering why Jade’s “friends” didn’t just ignore her posts (if you unfollow someone’s posts they won’t appear in your news feeds).

But what do you reckon? Is it good the girls told her or bang out of order? Tell us in the comment below.

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