Mum gets slammed for spending £1,000 on each of her kids for Christmas

What's your budget? Would you fork out a grand per child if you could? And do you spend the same amount on each of them?


Christmas will be here before you know it ? But just how much are you planning to spend on your little ones?


Every year this is a pretty hot topic of debate – and it’s been stirred up again on a UK parenting forum where one mum has revealed she’ll be spending £1,000 on each of her kids – plus they’ve asked for a pony. *Gulp*

While some mums were quick to judge – one commented: “Gosh that was so cringey that you jumped straight in with that, very braggy” – it did bring up some really interesting debate about how much in general mums are planning to spend.

Lots agreed that around £75 was their limit, though one mum said she’d be spending £300 on each of her children on their stocking fillers alone.

Another interesting side to the chat was whether or not people would be spending an equal amount on their kids.

“I do not have a set limit and I do not spend exactly the same on each child,” said one mum.

“Reasons why – eldest is 17 so his tastes, wants and needs are different from my 13-year-old and 2 year-old and there’s no way I would spend ridiculous amounts of money on a 2-year-old just so they had the same amount spent on them.”

Kind of makes sense, right?

Here at MFM HQ, we were a little bit jaw-dropped at the thought of spending £1,000 per child – none of us wants to be worried about paying the bills come January ?

On the other hand – we have noticed that toy prices seem to be rocketing more and more which means a little cash doesn’t go as far as perhaps it used to.

And – if you’ve got the money and that’s how you choose to spend it – fair enough, right?

What do you think?

How much will you be spending on your littles one this Christmas? Tell us in the comments below or over on Facebook

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