Mum gives birth at 70 mph!

Mum has baby in car as her husband races her to hospital


A mum has given birth to her baby in the front seat of her husband’s car, as he raced her to hospital at 70 mph!


Charlotte Duly, 36 from Berkshire went into labour while the couple were driving to a birthday party with their other children, Isabella, 5, India, 3 and Imogen, 1.

Despite realising she was in labour, the couple thought they had oodles of time, and dropped the other children off with Charlotte’s sister before heading to hospital.

While her husband Richard raced Charlotte to hospital, baby Ignatius made his entrance in the front seat at 70mph.“I told Richard I thought the baby was definitely on its way,” said Charlotte. “Richard said, ‘You can’t have the baby in the car!’ I managed to wriggle out of my jeans just as Ignatius shot out. It happened so fast I still had my seatbelt on!”

Despite the drama, little Ignatius arrived safe and well, weighing in at 9lb, 6oz.


This high-speed birth joins a whole host of unusual deliveries, most recently the grandmother who delivered her granddaughter on a roundabout! 

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