Well THIS takes the whole concept of push presents a bit too far, right?


A mum who gave birth to a baby girl in the back seat of her Honda has asked the car company for a new vehicle on the basis her new arrival left the car in a bit of a mess.

Beth Newell's little girl was born when Beth was in her Honda Fit on Sunday morning, and she wasted no time in getting in touch with the car manufacturer to put in her cheeky request.

Taking to Twitter, Beth uploaded a pic of her and her adorable baby daughter in the car and wrote:

"@Honda, earlier today I gave birth to my daughter in the back of a Honda Fit. It is a mess. Can I have a free car?"

And what was Honda's response? Well it wasn't "On yer bike!" as you might have imagined.

While we don't know what they might be offering Beth, they have obviously realised that the 14,895 (and counting) re-tweets of her original message could be a good PR opportunity for them.

They wrote:

"Congrats on your beautiful new baby girl. We’d love to get your contact info to see how we can be of service. Can you please DM us?"

It should be noted that Beth writes for a living, and we reckon her tweet was probs totally tongue-in-cheek and posted just for amusement - but hands up who thinks it won't be long before this becomes a THING and other mums are following suit?

New car after your baby spews up everywhere? Check. New car when you scratch the paintwork to kindgom come lugging the car seat in and out? Oh yes. New car when they finally grow up and fly the nest and you can have a whizzy two-seater? Well, it's worth a try...

What a fab story though - and well done Beth!

UPDATE: Honda has given Beth a free 3-year lease on a car!

Pictures: Twitter/Beth Newell & Honda

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