Mum gives birth on icy pavement, but hospital denies staff took too long to reach her

Scottish mum delivers baby in freezing temperatures after hospital staff allegedly take too long to answer the 24-hour security door


A new mum is recovering after giving birth on an icy pavement outside the hospital she planned to have her baby in.


Lisa McNeil, 25, delivered her baby on the side of the road, after staff at Victoria Hospital in Kircaldy, Scotland, reportedly didn’t appear in time to help.

“It was like a horror movie. I was in a lot of pain and bleeding. I don’t remember much because I was screaming in agony for six minutes while we waited for someone to help us,” said Lisa.

Lisa’s son Jackson was born in temperatures as low as -4ºC. Lisa’s mum Karen was on hand and protected him from hitting the cold pavement with Lisa’s cardigan.

Lisa had called the maternity unit to let them know she was on her way. Arriving with her partner Ryan, 22, and Karen, they buzzed on the 24-hour security system to be let in but no one appeared. It was only when Ryan phoned the hospital that staff came to let them in – but Jackson had already arrived.

“My poor daughter was forced to pull down her underwear in front of passersby and get down on her hands and knees on a frozen pavement to give birth to her child at the door of a maternity unit,” said Karen. “It was very distressing for everyone. I don’t blame the nurses, but the whole system needs to be looked at and they need to make sure that it is manned round-the-clock,” she added.

An NHS Fife spokesperson responded to the complaint, “A lady who had phoned ahead to the maternity unit and rang the buzzer and midwifery staff made their way very rapidly to the front door to admit her.

“However, the labour was so far advanced that the delivery took place at the front door of the hospital.”

Lisa and baby Jackson were checked over in the hospital and are now doing well at home.

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