Mum gives birth to twins at 62

IVF success for one of the world’s oldest mums


A woman aged 62 has become one of the world’s oldest mums after giving birth to twin girls.


Krasimira Dimitrova welcomed twins, Merry and Jacqueline prematurely on the 5th May, but both are thought to be healthy, according to reports.

The new mum turned to IVF after she was told she was too old to adopt, and is now thought to be only the second ever successful case of IVF for a mum over 60 delivering twins. The first, Uttar Pradesh was 70 when she welcomed twins in India in 2008.

Claiming that age isn’t an obstacle, new mum Krasimira said she turned to IVF after adoption failed, “I wanted a family but when I was frustrated by the adoption service I realised the only way to make this happen would be to give birth to my own children.”


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