Mum gives Bratz dolls amazing ‘makeunder’

Sonia Singh transforms children's fashion dolls from 'high-maintenance glitz' to an altogether more natural look


We’re used to seeing children’s dolls looking like superglam popstars, with lots of make-up and perfectly coiffed hair. So what happens when they ditch the fakery and go au naturel? Well, one mum in Australia was determined to find out, setting about recycling old Bratz dolls and, instead of giving them a makeover, giving them a makeunder.


Sonia Singh removes their glitzy makeup, repaints their faces in more natural tones and gives them more lifelike facial proportions, with smaller eyes and lips. She also tames their hair into more natural styles and braids – and gives them homemade clothes.

“These dolls have been rescued and rehabilitated from tip shops around Tasmania,” she explains on her Tumblr blog. “These lil fashion dolls have opted for a ‘tree change’, swapping high-maintenance glitz ‘n’ glamour for down-to-earth style. I hand-repaint the dolls’ faces, mold new shoes, and my mum sews and knits their clothing.”

The results are fascinating – and show what dolls would look like if they were, well, looked a bit more like the children who play with them. “My sisters and I grew up playing with second-hand dolls and home-made toys in the beautiful Tasmanian natural environment,” Sonia said. “I love the satisfaction of repairing and reusing discarded items to give them a new lease on life.”

Since sharing pictures of her dolls online, Sonia has received lots of messages from parents requesting to buy the toys. She now plans to set up an online store on Etsy.

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Photos: Tree Change Dolls

After the makeunder, the dolls lose their beestung lips


… And get a new set of glammed-down clothes


This doll has had brow therapy


A knitted jumper and braids add to the new homespun look

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