If we had to describe Kate Middleton's look, we'd have to say she's about 90% great hair. Those glossy brunette locks are always blow-dried to perfection. And do you know what? She can keep the palace, prince and tiara, it's that glorious bonce we're most jealous of.


But, 7 months after the birth of her second child in May, Kate went for the chop. And although her new shorter style and mid-length fringe still look pretty fabulous, Kate has reportedly described the style as her "mum fringe".


According to The Sun, Kate told friends, "I was a bit unsure about it. I call it my 'mum fringe'."

She also joked that she got the fringe to "hide the effects of sleepless nights" caused by 2-year-old George and 7-month-old Charlotte.


When Kate was pregnant with George in 2013, she still had her signature long, flowing curly locks.

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Then, in August 2014, she'd lost a little off the length, but still no sign of a fringe. Now, following the birth of Princess Charlotte, Kate has had a long sweeping fringe cut in and more taken off her length.

So, all this has got us wondering – did you change your hair after you had children? Is 'mum hair' really a thing?

Or has your hair never changed? We'd LOVE to know…

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