It may sound like a one-liner, but a mum went to a Michael McIntyre show and laughed so hard that her waters broke… yes, really! Clara Brown, 28, was 34 weeks pregnant when she went to see her favourite comedian at the O2 Arena in London.


Clara says she laughed so hard that her waters broke as she was leaving the gig and 32 hours later, she gave birth to her 4th daughter.

Her baby's sudden arrival was even more of a surprise because she'd kept her pregnancy a secret from most of her family. Clara had decided not to share the news with everyone as she'd lost her son Louie last year when he was born prematurely at 22 weeks.

"She's our miracle baby," Clara told the Daily Mail. "And she must share my sense of humour - he's my favourite comedian ever."

On the way to the show, Clara had joked that Michael might bring on early labour. "I thought: 'If Michael doesn’t make me go into labour I don’t know what will'.

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"He always makes me laugh so much. Even my mum had said 'Are you sure you should go?'. She was worried he would send me into an early labour and I'd be stranded giving birth at the O2. I just thought it wouldn't happen because I still wasn't full-term."

Clara went to the show for her best friend Zoe's 30th birthday with two other friends – and it was while they were waiting for their car in priority parking after the show that she felt her waters break. "We left the gig and were just talking about how funny it was. Then, we were waiting for the car and I suddenly said: 'I think my waters have broken.'"


"Everyone stared at us, not really knowing what to do. My friend told one of the workers who instantly went and got a wheelchair. Another got me water and the other hurried our car along.

"They were all absolutely amazing and dealt with it so well."

They rushed to Colchester hospital where after 32 hours of labour, Clara gave birth to a healthy little girl weighing 5lb 1oz.

"She cried straight away, which is obviously a good sign because she was early," Clara said.

"She is still in special care now because she has a bit of jaundice. But she's doing really well - we are over the moon."

In a post on Michael McIntyre’s Facebook page, she wrote: "I'm hoping this photo reaches you Michael McIntyre. This tiny baby girl is the result of laughing too much at the opening night in London of your Happy & Glorious tour.

"Baby is doing really well but is spending some time in special care while she masters feeding, maintaining body temperature and sugar levels. I also can't thank the staff in the priority parking area at the 02 enough for the care they gave and how quickly they got us out on to the road.

"I hope this photo reaches you so you can see what happened the night I first saw my favourite comedian live! Also if anybody else plans to go while pregnant take your hospital bag & a towel to sit on!"

The post has since been liked over 86 thousand times and shared over 5,000 times.

Photos: Facebook / Cara Brown and Getty

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