There's nothing nicer than a gorgeous skin-to-skin picture of a parent and new baby - until it all gets very messy that is!


If Shayna and Mark Resnick from Florida wanted their photo session with photographer Gigi O'Dea to be a lasting reminder of their first days with baby son Asher, then they probably didn't leave the shoot disappointed - because there is NO WAY they are going to ever forget the day these pictures were taken!

Photographer Gigi told the HuffPost website that the proud mum and dad wanted a shot of their 10-day-old baby lying on his dad's back in the middle of his wings tattoo. So far so arty, right?

The scene was set, and while the lighting was adjusted, little Asher was positioned in place with his nappy on until Gigi was ready to capture the shot.

Once everything was ready to shoot, Asher's nappy was taken off - and then he did what every newborn does - the runniest, evilest poo all over his dad's back! And it didn't end there...

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He also weed, was sick and pooed again!

"Knowing that Asher would be naked on dad, we joked there was a high probability that it could get messy," Gigi admitted. "I guess we never imagined just how messy it could be!"

She added that she was sure 'almost any parent [could] relate as they have probably had a similar experience at some point with their own babies'.

Despite his dirty protest, Gigi said Asher was actually the 'happiest' baby she had every photographed!

"I was able to capture 34 smiling images of him in his newborn session, which is unheard of. Obviously, he got the last laugh," she said.

SO funny - but how much is Asher going to laugh when he discovers the pics all over the web when gets older?!

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