Mum leaves toddler in towed-away car

Woman suffers from 'mummy brain' after leaving her 2-year-old in her car as it's towed away by police

After being pulled aside by police for a problem with her rear light, a mum from Phoenix in the US, was asked to remove all valuables from the car before it was towed away for inspection. After pulling several children and belongings out of the Chevy Impala and giving the keys to the cops, the mum went home. However, some time later the embarrassed mum realised that she had indeed left something valuable in the car – her 2-year-old!


Failing to spot the left-behind toddler because of the car’s tinted windows, the mum and police had no idea they had left the little one behind. Frantically calling the police station after she realised her mistake, the toddler was found safe and sound in the car having a nap in the backseat.

“This is a valuable lesson for all involved. We have an incredible responsibility to our children and we have to account for their whereabouts at all times,” the detective at the scene commented.


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