Mum makes incredible play kitchen out of cardboard boxes

You won't believe how this DIY miniature kitchen turned out


When little Audrey wanted a play kitchen – her mum was determined to make one for her. But she couldn’t have expected her DIY project to turn out this good.


Rodessa Villanueva Reyes, from the Philippines, shared before and after pictures of her amazing kitchen on Facebook.

It features a sink, cupboards, oven, microwave and fridge. The kitchen even has a worktop and till area where Audrey, 1, can sell her baked goods to customers.

So how did Rodessa do it? Well, we’ve had a look at the work in progress pictures and got a rough idea.

First, she gathered cardboard boxes from her local supermarket.


Then using a permanent marker, she marked out the cupboards, oven and fridge and used a Stanley knife to make openings for the doors.

Next she used vinyl stickers in mint green and white to cover the boxes, and make a wipe-clean surface.


She printed out a sign that reads: “Audrey’s Cafe & Restaurant” and attached it with split pins. (You can tape the back of these to make them more secure.)


She finished the kitchen with Audrey’s kitchen toys.

The knobs on the oven range are made from jar caps.

The sink is made from a baking tin and the tap is made from an empty hand soap bottle.

Photos: Facebook / Rodessa Villanueva Reyes

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