When it comes to finding out the gender of your unborn baby, some parents prefer to keep it a surprise until the delivery room. However for American Heather Anspach, leaving it to chance was out of the question, so she paid $23, 875 – the equivalent of £14, 950.52 – to ensure she had a daughter.


The mum of two boys and one girl wanted her fourth child to be a girl so much that she persuaded husband Paul, 43, to help her find a doctor offering gender selection on the Internet.

Heather felt that her daughter Madelyn, 6, was missing out from not having a sister to play with, according to the Daily Mail.

“I wanted for her to have a sister to complete our family,” Heather said.

Finding Dr. Jeffrey Steinberg, the couple from Kentucky flew to Los Angeles for a consultation and were told that the procedure would cost $23,875.

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“We don’t earn a great deal of money but we have always been careful financially,” sales assistant Heather confessed. “To me it seemed worth every penny.”

Having already saved half the money, the couple took out a loan against their five-bedroom house to pay for the treatment.

The treatment worked first time and baby Maliah was born in November last year, weighing 7lbs 9oz.

“I know many people are against gender selection but I feel it should be a personal choice,” said Heather.

Heather wanted to share her story after hearing rumours speculating that Victoria Beckham had used IVF gender selection to guarantee she had a daughter.