Brave mum Yazmin Henderson has been left with permanent injuries after pushing her young son out of the way of an out-of-control car, which hit her instead, a court has heard.


Mark Richards, from North Kelsey, Lincolnshire was behind the wheel of the car that hit Yazmin. He had drunk 19 cans of lager and was nearly four times the legal drink-drive limit when he lost control of his car.

Two-year-old Leo escaped with only minor injuries while Yazmin, 40, needed eight screws and has a metal plate in her leg. Her bones in her lower leg were broken in two places and she had dislocated her ankle.

Mum Yasmin has been told she might never make a full recovery. Since the accident, Yazmin, from North Kelsey, Lincolnshire, struggles to walk without crutches and can’t lift anything heavy.

Yazmin and her son were on their way back from visiting the cows in a nearby field when the accident happened in July.

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“I heard the screeching of tyres. I turned round and there was this car coming towards us, I just grabbed Leo and threw him out of the way as the car came through the bollards,” Yazmin said outside of court.

"I could feel I had a broken leg, I couldn't move and I saw Leo, he was still, I was sure he was dead. But when I looked, he sighed and came round, I was so relieved,” she added.

Mark, who had crashed his car into a wall, was clearly drunk as he couldn’t stand up properly when the police arrived.

Yazmin also spoke of how the accident has left Leo, now 3-years-old, being terrified of cars. “Every time he hears a car, he hides behind me,” Yazmin explained.

Last week at Lincoln Crown Court,Judge Michael Heath sentenced Mark to just 18 months in prison for dangerous driving and drink-driving.

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