Baby colds – 7 products you can use

Babies can get lots of colds but because they're so young, what can you give them? We reveal the products that help babies with runny or stuffy noses


What you can do to help a coldy baby

The cold virus is our most common respiratory infection, and as babies’ immune systems are still developing, they can catch a cold much more easily than we do. On average babies can have between 7 to 10 colds a year.  


Although there is no cure for the common cold and in most cases it will go away in a few days, there are remedies and products to ease your baby’s cold symptoms.

We’ve got more information on baby colds, toddler colds and colds in pregnancy and the best natural ways to help your baby right here or you can click through to see our 7 products to help babies with colds…


Jane medical set, £12.99 – from birth

A brilliant all-in-one kit, the Jane medical set features all the tools you’ll need to monitor and treat baby’s cold.  A medicine syringe, sticker that changes colour, indicating if body temperature is normal, low or high a thermometer dummy with digital screen and a medicine dispensing dummy.

The latter is ideal if your little one has yet to master feeding from a spoon as your baby can suck the linctus through the teat or you can use the syringe to ease it into his mouth. 

Available from Johnston Prams.


Calpol saline nasal drops, £2.99 – from birth

Saline nasal drops is a natural and non-medicated nose wash that will help to loosen and wash away your baby’s mucus to help get rid of a blocked nose and her breath more easily.

Suitable from birth the drops can also be used to fight sinusitis and hayfever when the summer months bring the inevitable high pollen count and seasonal allergies.  


Vicks Mini Ultra humidifier, £44.99 – from birth

A humidifier is a great tool to use when your baby has a cold because it brings moisture to the room. It can also ease coughing and help your baby to breathe more easily through the night.

The Vicks Mini Ultra humidifier is suitable from birth and uses cold steam to clear the air, so there is no chance of scalding or making the room unbearably hot.


Snuffle Babe Nasal Aspirator, £7 – from birth

Sometimes it is not enough to loosen the mucus in your baby’s nose, you have to get physical with the phlegm, and this is where a nasal aspirator comes in. 

The Snuffle Babe aspirator is a more advanced version of the bulb nose syringe (which has a marmite effect on many parents). The aspirator allows you to suck the mucus out of your baby’s nose with your mouth by using a hygienic plastic apparatus that has an in-built filter. So it has all the parent power without the mess.


You can get this nasal aspirator from Boots

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