42 fruity recipes for babies

From fruity purees to tasty puddings, these recipes are bound to appeal to your little one's sweet tooth


Babies are born with a sweet tooth, and right from the start of weaning, are likely to take better to sweet foods than to savoury. The good news is that fruit is an important part of your little one’s diet, packed with vitamins and minerals that are essential for her growth and development. Many fruits, such as blueberries, are also considered ‘superfoods,’ packing a particular nutritional punch.


As well as making for perfect purees and simple puddings, fruit is an excellent, albeit surprising, addition to many savoury dishes, making them more appealing to your baby. And by offering fruity snacks or adding chopped or pureed fruit to your little one’s morning cereal or yoghurt, you’ll be helping her on her way to five-a-day. So how can you incorporate fruit into your baby’s diet? We have 42 fab recipe ideas, from purees to healthy breakfasts and main meals.

Recipes for first weaning (4-6 months)

Recipes for your 7-9 month old


Recipes for your 9-12 month old

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