This family snap – from blogger and Instamum Emily Jackson – paints a feat of colour-coordinated insta-perfection.


And honestly, we were so busy admiring the fact that she’d successfully scored a family photo where all the kids are either looking at the camera, smiling or at the very least, not crying – we apparently forgot to notice that Emily had LET HER BABY’S NAILS GROW INTO OBLIVION.

*Cue eyeroll* ???

Well, one woman thought that Emily’s baby’s nails were too long in the pic, writing in the comments:

“Please tell me you clipped your baby’s nails ?”

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The comment struck a nerve with Emily, who has a social media following of 355,000. She didn’t take the comment lightly.

Instead, she called out the mum-shaming, and explained that there was a reason why she personally didn't opt to cut or clip her baby's nails.

“I think it’s really sad how much I am being judged for my babies nails," she began in a calm, straight-talking post.

“I had a traumatic experience with my first baby’s nails and I really try to just leave them alone. I don’t think that makes me a terrible mother.

“Someone told me an idea of filing their nails down so I did that and it works great.

“Worry about real problems in the real world. I think I am a great mum to my children. They are happy and healthy and it’s absolutely not your place to shame me for that.”

We don't know what Emily’s traumatic experience was – but we do know how nerve-wracking taking a pair of clippers or scissors to your baby’s tiny, tiny fingernails can be, and just how easy it is to accidentally hurt them ?

Which is why using a file on a baby's nails is a good tip if you it brings the same result.

Good on Emily for sticking up for herself. Here’s hoping she doesn’t feel forced into defending her decisions, again, though ?

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What do you use to keep your baby's nails a safe and healthy size - clippers, a nail file, or do you gently bite them off yourself?

Perhaps you've had a really awful experience with clippers like Emily? Do let us know on Facebook, or in the comments below

Images: Instagram/Emily Jackson

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