A mum from Adelaide in Australia has said she’s sick of being shamed for ‘telling off her own kids’.


Blogger Krechelle Carter, 27, has 6 children: Sylus, 7, Noah, 6, 4-year-old twins Paige and Olivia, 2-year-old Bailey and 1-year-old Emerson – and she's tired of hearing comments or receiving stares when she feels it's necessary to reprimand them in public.

(By reprimand, we simply mean ‘have a cross word with’ or ‘holding them back from running into the road’ kinda thing. Nothing drastic, or out of the ordinary.)

In her confession, Krechelle admitted that when these situations do arise while she’s out and about, she’s “met with an audience of other parents or relatives, sometimes random strangers judging the way that I'm handling things”.

But she and her husband of 11 years, David, agree on the way they parent their kids – so why should anyone else have a problem?

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“We have very similar ideas on rules for children and believe that by using the right tools to tell them off we're raising our children to be respectful people with good morals,” she told MailOnline.

“My husband had to have stern words with our then 5-year-old on the side of a road infringement of a crowd because he went to run across the road after the Christmas pageant. My husband grabbed his arm.

“And 2 young women behind us laughed and said, ''I hope I'm never like that as a parent.'' It was hurtful. They had no idea what trouble he was about to get himself into.

“There are only so many times you can say; "sweetheart can you please not hit your sister with a rock because when you do you're entering her personal space and it hurts and how do you think that makes her feel?"

Ugh, we totally get what Krechelle’s talking about here – there is a certain *awareness* we have when we’re ‘parenting’ outside of the house.

We do sometimes feel a bit watched, and to be honest, we can understand how easy it is to pass a quick judgement – but just because it’s easy doesn’t mean we should.

Regardless, we’re in a bit of a ‘damned if we do, damned if we don’t’ situation when we need to tell off our child in public.

Imagine the reaction if Krechelle’s hubby had let their 5-year-old wander aimlessly through the busy parade road, or if she (purposefully - as a taming technique) met a tantrum with stone-cold silence?

Queue the eyerolls! Basically, you just can’t win ???

Images: Instagram/Krechelle Carter

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